This is the latest 3DMe offering. Customers have options to personalize and create their own phone accessories by using 3DMe phone cases which are specially designed to fit perfectly on on iPhone 4/4S/5. 3D Phone cases will soon be available to other mobile devices. Check back soon for updates.

With 3DMe, each phone cover is unique to each individual as customers have many options to create their own content, change photos, or replace anytime all in 3D.

My3DCase Benefits

Only a photo can capture the moment, and personalized phone cases are a big hit − especially when they are in 3D. Personalized mobile phone cases are a staple that maintain strong marketability, and our novelty 3D phone case is full of opportunity.

  • Differentiates your product from the competition.
  • Start-up costs are low
  • Operating costs are low: you need a PC, inkjet or dye sub printer (less than $100 in most cases), and the My3DCase® software package and start-up kit
  • No professional photography experience required
  • Easy to learn and very user-friendly
  • High demand for your product
  • Recession-proof
  • Great family business
  • Fun and makes people smile!

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