Through social networking sites, photo capture and sharing have transformed the world into a more interactive global village. Today, the photo industry is dictated primarily by this social networking and mobility lifestyle. Hence, 3DMe introduces a whole new concept to photo retailing with our 3D services and 3D Photo lifestyle products.

3DMe offers photo stores, big box retailers options to convert their customer's photosinto 3D, share, and send these 3D photos via email to their mobile andfacebook accounts, and print these 3D photos by choosing from a range of 3D Photo lifestyle products.

Also, customers can create and personalize their own 3D templates and background with their own design or preferred photo for 3D conversion. Customers can choose to print in 3D from their own 2D or 3D cameras and/or mobile devices. 3DMe is available for licensing tie ups and supply agreements for online and ecommerce photo providers, including photo kiosk set ups.

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