As the photo industry continues to push for new innovations, 3D is emerging as the new frontier in digital photography.

3DMe is introducing the world's first 3D Photo Booth. Our 3D Photo Booth creates and prints 3D photos instantly, glasses free. No need for special glasses or 3D viewers/displays. We have designed and engineered a dual purpose of 2D and 3D photo booth models. It allows customer’s photos taken on a custom 3D background or superimposed into a scene from a licensed 3D property, movie, or brand. By applying licensed characters and or scenes from 3D/4D movie theatres, customers can choose their own personalized 3D photo, extending their 3D/4D experience into 3D print.

  • Coin Operated
  • Rental
  • Mobile
  • Licensed: great for themes based on licensed characters, and or scenes from 3D/4D movie theatres.
Photo Booth

Rental Booth Market

Our 3D Rental Booth is ideal for both Events and Special Occasions.Operators can easily change the cabinet decals for different locations, custom jobs or corporate promotions. It is a plug and play design technology, equipped with a quality computer and a commercial quality digital camera and dye sublimation printer. It is attractive, convenient, and easy to set up.

Our proprietary software performs all the complex work in the background, thus, minimizing technical maintenance.

  • Navigation Type: Touch Screen
  • Customizable Attract Screen: Yes
  • Customize Borders & Backgrounds: Yes
  • Print Logos on Product: Yes
  • Captures Photos on Flash Drive: Yes
  • Credit/Debit Card Capability: Yes
  • Initial Product Output: (4"x6")
  • Upsell Capable: Yes
  • Bill/Coin Acceptor Channels: 2
  • Duplicate Print Capable: Yes

3D Coin OP Photo Booth

Additional features include:

Our 'Social Networking' package, allows customers to create and email 3D photos using the built-in touch-screen keyboard!

  • Allows Consumers to Email Their Photos: Yes
  • Email Address Capture: Yes
  • Batch Facebook Uploads: Yes
  • Advertising using Signatures through Social Networking: Yes

Optionally, extra displays are available. We have the conventional 2D monitors in order to create attention. Or alternatively, an external 3D monitor to display customers photos in real 3D. This feature will definitely guarantee to hype and impact at any location. Additional features include custom advertising messages in 3D within the display to create additional revenue for any location.

Also, we have a Remote Auditing System to monitor:

  • Checks on Film Supply
  • Make Programming Adjustments
  • Track Vends & Revenue
  • Tracks Price Changes

Disclaimer: Any and all logos, images, likenesses, copyrights or trademarked material depicted in this presentation are owned by the respective owners of such material and not the property of 3DMe.