A Photo Booth with a Difference:

Our 3DMe Photo Booths offer events marketers and operators with a competitive edge. It will attract attention when set up in areas with heavy foot traffic, both indoor and outdoor.It is designed and engineered for seamless integration for any event with our electronic 3D postcard and highly customizable exteriors. We supply and offer a range of themed templates in addition to easily uploading normal 2D templates, which can be converted into 3D.

A Photo Booth with a Social Media Edge:

It is equipped with social networking features which allowguest images sent to friends via email, uploaded to social media sites, and Bluetooth directly to their mobile phones, or facebook accounts.This is a powerful way to offer your events solution maximum exposure at no additional cost.

  • Allows Consumers to Email Their Photos: Yes.
  • Email Address Capture: Yes
  • Batch Facebook Uploads: Yes
  • Advertising using Signatures through Social Networking: Yes

Photo Booth

Portable photobooth
Benefits and Features:
  • Light Weight and Portable: Easy-to-transport to any location
  • Ideal for single shot photo ops
  • Green Screen capabilities
  • Create your own borders & backgrounds
  • Great for branding: display your advertisement in 3D
  • Social sharing capabilities: email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Works Offline. Photos can be queued for later upload. Emails are collected and photos are emailed as soon as internet is available.
  • 22" Touchscreen for navigation
  • Dimensions: H 1675mm (65.9in) x D 840mm (33.07in) x W 400mm (15.7in)
  • Printer: Hiti
  • Power: Standard 110v/220v, 3-6 amps dedicated circuit, TUV approved, CE
  • Materials: Fabricated metal frame w/ anti-corrosion & baked paint treatment
  • Options: (a) 22" 3D Display, (b) Protective Transport Case
  • Product Launch to boost brand awareness, requires only 10ft x 10ft of space
  • Trade Shows: Differentiate yourself at trade shows
  • Marketing Campaigns: Create powerful links to products with our ePostcards feature
  • Sports Events and Concerts: Extend hype and impact through 3D Photo booth experience

Disclaimer: Any and all logos, images, likenesses, copyrights or trademarked material depicted in this presentation are owned by the respective owners of such material and not the property of 3DMe.